What’s love got to do with it? . . . . Everything!

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It seems that every once in awhile we feel the urge to do something special for someone. It’s as if it bubbles up and we just have to go out and do it. And the funny thing is that it’s not so much needed for the other person, but rather for us. Why is that?

I don’t have the answer, but I can recall countless situations in my life where showing kindness to others went straight back to my heart. Perhaps it’s a day where you look in someone’s eyes and you just feel happy. Or it could be that you know that person next to you needs to have their hand held as you lead them up the “high road.” Whatever the reason of which there are many, there is only one motive. Love—the most unselfish necessity that knits this world together.

Acts of kindness take center stage this month with the Valentine’s Day holiday.  So what’s love got to do with it? Everything. Valentine’s Day goes much deeper than a dozen roses or a box of stale chocolates. It should be a burning desire to show appreciation to others—isn’t that what love really is?

Chef Richard’s Valentine’s Week Menu features an amazing display of creative and mouth-watering flavors that are fresh and locally-sourced. Fooducopia, Washington Park Denver restaurants “hidden gem,” prides itself on preparing and serving good honest food to our customers. It’s what we love.

And the approaching Valentine’s Week is no different.  So be sure to make your reservation for a love-ly evening to celebrate your special Valentine.

We look forward to seeing you.









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