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When it comes to organic restaurants to visit in Denver, the list is endless. Denver has seen its culinary scene explode.  And that is exciting for those who reside in and around the Mile High city. Not to mention those who make Denver their destination. Whatever the reason, there is something wonderful cooking around each and every corner.

To zero in a little closer, we are taking you behind the scenes of Fooducopia Restaurant at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue in Denver to introduce you to the chefs who create the #goodhonestfood for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this “hidden gem” in Wash Park.

Meet Executive Chef Richard Glover


For many of you who know Executive Chef Richard Glover—you are the lucky ones. His charm and wit will fill a room instantly. Not to mention his storytelling.  Chef Richard grew up in Botswana. Fast forward to university, which led him to the cornfields of Indiana to become a chemical engineer. And then to culinary school. Now can you understand the reason why he is a master storyteller? I thought so.

Chef Richard is the master behind Fooducopia’s much loved menu. “Chef Richard is the main attraction,” owner Tim Lymberopoulos explained. “Using only the finest ingredients is his passion and the customers love him for that”

“I love anything that is honest,” Chef Richard admits.  “Honest food is being true to a culture or a region. Or the preparation and handling of the item is done with grace and knowledge and skill.”

So when it comes to making people happy at meal time—Chef Richard doesn’t disappoint. “Food is magical; it creates happiness and brings back joyful childhood memories, plus it’s the cornerstone of society and of bringing people together.”

There is an old saying that you can’t always have happiness but you can always give happiness. Perhaps this is Chef Richard’s mantra. “What I enjoy most about my craft—the smiles of happy patrons enjoying the moment.”

Meet Sous Chef Christopher P. Silfies

You will always hear a friendly banter coming from the kitchen at Fooducopia. Making the jokes might be Chef Richard but offering the laughs is Sous Chef Christopher P. Silfies. Chef Silfies joined the Fooducopia family a few years ago and patrons are thrilled. “He brings a creative culinary cooking style that customers enjoy,” said Tim.

If he is not in the kitchen, you will find Chef Christopher doing anything outdoors—skiing, hiking— you name it. But his heart is always in the kitchen.

“I have always loved to cook,” Chef Christopher said.  Ever since he was a kid, cooking has been his passion. With his signature bandana, he offers a positive vibe that ripples onto the staff around him. “He is always more than happy in the kitchen,” said Tim.  Perhaps Chef Christopher understands that being  a chef is a selfless act.  “I love to cook great food and see the happiness it brings to people and their tummy!”

Fooducopia prides itself on offering locally sourced ingredients that are organic. Or as Tim is often heard saying about Fooducopia’s mission: “good, honest food that doesn’t tease the brain.”

We hope you can join us to discover good honest food with Chef Richard and Chef Christopher for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue. To make dinner reservations, click here.


We look forward to serving you  . . . and thanks for reading!

















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