New menu alert! Let’s brunch in Wash Park

Come Brunch in Wash Park at Fooducopia


Fooducopia Restaurant’s Wild Mushroom Benedict for brunch in Wash Park.

Today we are talking about my favorite food word—brunch. As much as I love a portmanteau, I do think it gets a bad rap. Interpreted as strictly a cure for the hangover or a way to indulge, brunch can be so much more. Don’t you think?

Perhaps that is why I think I need to tell you that brunch in Wash Park just got a whole heck of a lot tastier thanks to Executive Chef Richard Glover. In fact, CBS Denver recently featured Fooducopia as Wash Park’s top places to visit.

Fooducopia’s new brunch menu is all about elevated ingredients and staying ahead of the curve—all while keeping it local.  Chef Richard’s attention to detail is evident with each dish featuring a sense of creativity and curiosity.

I mean can you wrap your head around this menu item— Breadworks Brioche French Toast featuring bourbon brown sugar macerated berries, house-made ricotta, candied chili walnuts, with house-made toasted marshmallow whipped cream.

If you are a meat and egg lover,  you can enjoy the Pot Roast Scrambler: a 6-hour slow-cooked local Colorado beef, roasted organic vegetables, and organic potatoes. Comfort at its best.

And the even better news is that the new menu features the same commitment that has never changed. Good. Honest. Food.

“Fooducopia restaurant is all about offering guests the opportunity to explore the world deliciously through good honest food,” owner Tim Lymberopoulos said.  “We are excited for our customers to enjoy this new brunch menu!”

To Chef Richard and his staff it’s simple: achieve  happiness for the customer. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

So are you ready to come brunch with us?

We look forward to seeing you at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue.



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