Why we all need a device free dinner . . .


Restaurant tables are not what they used to be. The daily newspaper, which rested next to the silverware, is obsolete. Kids’ firetruck and car noises are no longer heard while waiting for their meal. And those with a keen sense of precision no longer play with sticks.

This year, 2019 marks the 11 year anniversary of Apple’s App store. Little did we know what would happen to the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. It became a billion-dollar industry for tech companies to take a seat while you enjoy your pancakes, BLT sandwich or romantic dinner for two—regardless of the invitation.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is no way to harness technology. There are positives that have come out of this table guest. But there are also side effects—or heartburn as I like to call it. There is a side of the App store that we don’t find satisfying. It takes away from human interaction. It makes the dinner table quiet and less focused on who we are dining with. Research suggests that what was meant to connect—in fact disconnects us at the table. So perhaps a device free dinner at Wash Park restaurant, Fooducopia,  is the answer.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about Will Ferrell’s hilarious #DeviceFreeDinner campaign. After watching, one reader decided to pack up her phones and hide them at dinner. Let’s just say that Chef Richard’s meal was enjoyed with laughter, eye contact and plentiful conversation. So, I have a favor to ask, watch the #DeviceFreeDinner campaign and then perhaps you might find yourself playing with sticks at the table. Pick-Up Sticks for those who remember. Just ask Tim, he might even have a set when you next dine with us.

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