We ❤️ local! Here’s Why . . .

Classic never gets old!

Denver healthy restaurant
Classic Square Plate from Denver healthy restaurant Fooducopia.

There is something pretty great about this photo. Not only does it look delicious, but it celebrates Colorado’s finest. As a Denver healthy restaurant, Fooducopia wants everyone to know we love local. So the best place to showcase our passion is on your plate. That is what Executive Chef Richard Glover is all about.

“Integrity means a lot in any kitchen. It spans many aspects, but most importantly, the food I’m serving,” said Chef Richard. “Having some of those morals gives us the ability to be more transparent and honest when picking our vendors.”

Let me show you all the local happenings on your plate at this Denver healthy restaurant

Have you tried our Classic Square Plate? 🍽🥓🍳

For starters we use local-pasture-raised eggs from Amish Acres in West Cliff, CO. Joe Bontrager is a great guy and I highly recommend watching this video. His chickens sure are happy.

With a choice of organic potatoes, you never have to worry about these spuds being on the dirty dozen list. It’s all good honest food so far at this Denver healthy restaurant.

And for your choice of bacon or sausage—we’re going for the best of the best. Tender Belly, located right here in Denver, offers the highest standards of nitrate free pork sourced from small farms.

The next item on the plate is your bread from Colorado’s favorite bakery. We’re only going with the finest—Breadworks 10-grain toast.

And last but not least, we’re bringing it all local with our house-made jam. No pesticides or preservatives here.

We look forward to seeing you at the corner of Kentucky and Race Avenue this week to enjoy our Square Plate—a classic that never gets old—and is always local!

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