Squeeze every last drop out of summer 🍋

Summer gifts

Fooducopia Wash Park top shelf cocktails
Fooducopia Wash Park has a great selection of top shelf signature cocktails to enjoy the last days of summer.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the end of summer is quickly approaching.  I know. I don’t want it to end either. The last rays of summer sunshine are the best. The memories created are enough to want to make me squeeze every last drop out of summer. So perhaps  we can.

August is the third month of summer. A time when we start to feel a bit more anxious of what lies ahead. But I recently read a great article about how we can conquer the anxiety that creeps up on us this time of year. To be present. Instead of filling our mind with dread with what lies ahead of us. Why not toast all that summer has given us?

Fooducopia Wash Park offers a creative drinks menu of top shelf signature cocktails. My favorite is Forever Young—an uplifting drink of organic green tea, orange liquor and fresh squeezed lime. Now that is great idea! Don’t you think?


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