Fooducopia Fans . . . meet “Mr. Positive”

Kindness is contagious . . . try it!

Jarod is Fooducopia Restaurant’s dishwasher and Mr. Positive!

Fooducopia is a healthy restaurant in Denver that prides itself on being a restaurant that supports one another. And there is one person on the Fooducopia team who shares kindness like no other—Jarod.

Jarod, who is Fooducopia’s famed dishwasher, is actually the restaurant’s Mr. Positive.  Not to sound cliche, but he truly does make the world a better place. Especially a cacophonous dish pit.

So how does the most positive person on the team share the love? “Kindness is important!” Jarod exclaims.

“You should always be kind to others no matter how their day is going because they might be having a bad day and your kindness can help them get through the rest of the day,” he said. Wise words spoken from someone who holds an important job at the restaurant.

Jarod has been working at Fooducopia for almost two years. And he knows how to rally the troops. “When the noise and chaos of the kitchen rises, that is when I use laughter and share my positive energy to others.”

And it works.

“Jarod is the most positive person on the team,” said Fooducopia owner Tim Lymberopoulos.  In fact, to many his kindness is contagious. “He always helps out,” said Tim.

Jarod is quick to admit he enjoys everything on Executive Chef Richard Glover’s menu and much more. “The best part of working at Fooducopia is not only the amazing food, but my fellow co-workers are great.”

Author Stephane Larue’s cult classic “The Dishwasher” reminds us that “the dishwasher sees everything.”

Here at Fooducopia, “the dishwasher sows kindness.”

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