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Happy Birthday!

Fooducopia Restaurant
Birthday celebrations at Fooducopia! From left, Erin, Finn, Tim and Patrick.

Kids are much smarter than we think—not to mention much more awesome than us grown ups.  And there is one kid in particular who captured our hearts last week at Fooducopia.

Birthdays are a big deal. Especially for a kid turning 3! So when it came time for birthday boy Finn to reveal the restaurant of his choice the answer was simple. “Tim’s Place,” he told his parents Patrick and Erin. Thinking Finn would change his mind and settle on something like pizza, they waited a few hours and as the afternoon dwindled they asked again. “Tim’s Place,” Finn said happily.

So off they ventured to enjoy good honest food at Fooducopia. Finn ordered the grilled salmon for his birthday entree. And I don’t know who was more excited Tim or Finn.

“I’ve known Erin and Patrick for many years and when I heard this story it just warmed my heart,” said Fooducopia owner Tim Lymberopoulos. “Having a restaurant is a big commitment. You never know what to expect day in and day out, but last week was the icing on the cake.”

Happy Birthday Finn! You are welcome anytime to celebrate at “Tim’s Place” aka Fooducopia!



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