Pomegranates are nature’s jewels

Pomegranates—Fall’s beauty


Pomegranates are in season! Regarded as one of the most beautiful fruits, it is unlike any other—especially when you crack it open.  The shiny red “jewels” called arils are packed with tons of antioxidants. They help the body fight inflammation.

But did you know pomegranates, which means apple with many seeds, is one of the ancient fruits that bores much myth to its name?

In ancient Greek mythology, Persephone ate four seeds of a pomegranate before leaving the underworld, and therefore she was doomed to return. This myth ties itself to the coming of spring and winter.

The pomegranate tree can live up to 200 years.  Not to mention the fruit contains so many seeds bursting with flavor and endless possibilities just like in life.

“Just imagine,” she said. “If every seed grew, there’d be no room in the world for anything but pomegranate trees.” ― David Almond, Skellig

In fact many parts of the world it is known to harbor good luck.

I’m not sure if that holds true but when it comes to eating good honest food, you can never go wrong.  So be sure to enjoy a pomegranate while they are still in season.

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