Don’t skip this 2020 food trend


Fooducopia Restaurant prides itself on using only the finest ingredients from local producers.

Over the holidays, a flux of news centered around what food trends will be coming our way for 2020.  Local food places in Denver will enjoy this article.

According to the article from Insider, a 2020 trend will be a more vested interest in local. And for the year 2020, the term locavore is used. The dictionary defines a locavore as: “a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.”

The world wide web launched us into the vast unknown in the early 1990s. People all around the world were able to experience much more beyond their backyard. But is that a good thing in the food industry? Cheaper costs can entice a consumer to grab that produce. But the question is was the cost worth it? Did you really benefit from the purchase? And that is where 2020 might be a year to define what is most important.

According to many industry insiders, a seismic shift is happening in the food industry. People are returning to their roots. Or better yet—their gardens. Consumers are beginning to realize that  local food is not only closer to home, but is more nutritious.  And here is why.

According to Greenopedia: “When we buy foods that have been grown across the country or across the world, it can take weeks or longer for that food to travel from the farm to your table. As a result, these fruits and veggies must be harvested prematurely, which prevents some of their nutrients from ever forming.”

So be sure to visit Denver’s healthy restaurant Fooducopia at the corner of Kentucky and Race Avenue in Wash Park for good honest food that uses only the finest locally sourced ingredients.


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