Backyard bliss

Backyard dining at its finest!

Growing up as a kid in the Midwest, the front porch was where we usually spent our afternoons lounging. But it was the backyard that was the most fun. The backyard had a rickety-old fort my brother built, a vegetable garden filled with corn, tomatoes and spring onions and an overused swing set. And not to mention the best cherry tree ever.

Some of my most favorite childhood memories that I still carry with me today were from time spent in the backyard. There was always some sort of sport taking place. Whether it was setting up the badminton set, throwing baseballs to my brothers or just running in the back yard. Wild and free!

The countless backyard dinners on the back porch were the best. And coming from a large Greek family there was always plenty of food. I look back and laugh at how the large hunk of feta, wrapped in white butcher paper, would grace the middle of the backyard dinners. I thought everyone did that.

As a kid I always thought the food tasted better. Now I know why. There was laughter, as the evening sun was setting on our tableware—it was backyard bliss.

Perhaps it’s true when Russell Conwell said: “You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.”

Chef Richard’s GRAB & GO Menu for tomorrow at Fooducopia is the ultimate backyard feast. Grilled pork souvlaki, fries, and a healthy Greek salad will perfect dinner tomorrow. And not to mention pita bread and the must-always-have tzatziki.

In fact, might I suggest you enjoy your meal outside—in your backyard of course!

This week’s GRAB & GO! Be sure to order now here!


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