From Tim: “Time to Press On”

Pressing On!

Hello Fooducopia Fans, it has been our pleasure to serve you during these trying times filled with uncertainty. We endured. Thanks be to God, my staff and all of YOU.

The days ahead are new for us—but I am proud to say Fooducopia is excited to press on! Chef Richard, the team and I are going back to focusing on good food, which is the heart of Fooducopia.

This week Fooducopia has a new menu with some old favorites and some new creations. I hear people speak of a new normal and frankly it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We are going back to the old normal of making really good food.

My older sister taught me a lot about music and she continues to enlighten me to some good jams. Here is one she recently sent me.
Bob Dylan wrote this song, which reminds us that it’s time to “shake the dust off of your feet, don’t look back.”

And Press On!


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