The power of music

The gift of music

Yesterday, my daughter decided to treat our neighbors to a concert. She bravely took her music stand and played a few songs. I have to be honest, initially she didn’t want to do it. Fear and shyness came over her. But I gently convinced her to do it—along with a small bribe. When she played a short stanza of Beethoven our neighbors started to get animated and smile. “Beethoven is our favorite,” they said. Nineveh thanked them for listening and went back in the house. Few words were spoken to make the connection of kindness. But it was there—the power of music spoke volumes. Today on a much larger scale be sure to tune in to “Colorado Give Back,” a live stream benefit concert starting today at 1 pm. Here is the link. Happy listening.


Orange Chicken? Yes, Please!

Chef Richard’s Saturday night GRAB & GO dinner menu is hands down the best Orange Chicken. So, go ahead and order now here.


Tomorrow is the last day to order Mother’s Day menus

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