This is the best GIFT for Dad!

Roasted rack of lamb, asparagus risotto, roasted carrots, roasted radishes, chimichurri

Father’s Day Dinner

Hello Fooducopia Fathers! It’s your weekend! So be sure to celebrate. Finding the right meaningful Father’s Day gift is easy. Father’s Day dinner with dad featuring good honest food will surely fill his stomach, but on top of that it will fill his heart.

Time well spent

Spending time with your dad far outmeasures any store bought gift—it creates wonderful memories. And that has no price tag. So why not celebrate with a Father’s Day dinner at Wash Park restaurant Fooducopia.

Father’s Day Best

Here at Fooducopia, we are passionate about quality ingredients. Sourcing from small, local food entrepreneurs is the key to providing healthy, delicious food for your Father’s Day dinner with dad.

Please make your Father’s Day  dinner reservations here. We look forward to seeing you for dinner and creating the best memories with your dad. Because those memories are truly priceless.

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