Step by Step


One of my favorite Aesop fables is The Tortoise and the Hare. In this classic fable ingenuity triumphs over brash. The tortoise, who moves very slowly, outwits the cocky hare. The tortoise participates in the race the old-fashioned way. One step at a time. And very slowly at that.

But the hare is different. His impudent ways don’t bring success. But rather his errant ways prepare for his downfall.

We all know the lesson: slow and steady wins the race. Or as the tortoise proclaims to the hare: “Plodding wins the race.”

When it comes to getting things done it’s not our confidence that should help us break through the tape. But rather isn’t it the ability to take the seeable step; rather than the unforeseen steps down the road?

Perhaps this is the same reason why the the infamous cocktail “the old fashioned” is championed as the top cocktail. Novelist Kingsley Amis called it “the only cocktail really to rival the martini and its variants.”

Here at Fooducopia, we pride ourselves on providing good honest food in Wash Park. And to achieve that we follow this mantra—we make our food to be delicious not fast.

Join us for dinner tonight. We look forward to seeing you.




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