Slow Money: Why slow down our money?

Slow money is a big topic, but I will attempt to explain it in two short blog posts.

Velocity: Can faster be unfavorable?

Ironically, the faster we go, the less we truly see. Speed insulates us from organic detail, and space becomes not homes, neighborhoods, and individual lives, but a disembodied medium through which we move. Though more is seen, less is observed, for the depth of our understanding is inversely proportionate to our velocity. 1

Perhaps money has been moving too fast in the last century.

slow money
Photo (cc) by Flickr user rednuht

To Big To Fail, | Government Bailouts | Credit Default Swaps | Occupy Wall St. | The Other 98% | $15 Trillion In Debt

Can you explain what and why these have happened? Perhaps we wanted to make a dollar so fast, we didn’t look out the side window as to the means to these expeditious ends.

Question: Do you know where your money in your 401(k) is going?

A mutual fund is not a sufficient answer. Do we care to know which companies are receiving our money? Do we care how they make their money? Or do all we care about it is a piece of paper that comes in the mail every quarter stating a percentage, return on investment (ROI), hoping that it is black and positive?

Slow money is an idea that returns the control and understanding of our investments and finances to us vs. financial institutions promising a better ROI.

Now obviously this post has to be about something food orientated. So how does investing in food solve the previous issues, especially when they seem so overwhelming, daunting and ominous?

Tuesday’s post will have a solution and will answer the following riddle:

A raging bull is in front of you. You can’t go around, over, or underneath. You can’t outrun the bull. How do you escape?

1 Stephen Bertmann- Hyperculture: The Human Cost of Speed

Introducing Fooducopia’s Chef & Co.

The fun part about working at Fooducopia is the many different aspects to food.  Our goal at Fooducopia is to provide you with as many opportunities to discover and purchase delicious food from small producers.

Buy Artisan FoodFirst, we discovered quality food comes from small producers.  An online marketplace for small food producers allows consumers an easier way to discover and purchase these delicious products.  So we created

Online Grocery Store DenverThen we determined that proximity is very important to the food chain. Buying food produced nearby tastes better, has more nutrition, and has a positive impact economically and environmentally. Therefore, we created Fooducopia’s Corner Store.

Now we found one more important part to food; preparation and the enjoyment of eating it with good company. Introducing Fooducopia’s Chef & Company – or – Chef & Co.

Chef N Co

A talented chef, entrepreneur, avid skier, and good friend came to me with the idea. Chef Richard Glover and I held several events over the summer that incorporated food preparation and fun times with friends. The combination of delicious artisan food, fresh local produce, excellent preparation, and good company made it a must attend.

Going forward, you will see us promote new events, provide cooking demonstrations, and offer new ways to enjoy food with company.  Learn more on our Facebook Page  Chef & Co Facebook

Below is our first attempt at a cooking video. This was suppose to be a test run, but we decided it turned out worthy of the blog.  We had some fun creating it so please enjoy, and we would love to hear your comments.


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Creating a Gluten-Free Kitchen

It is not difficult to create a gluten-free baking environment for a single baking session, or to permanently maintain a completely gluten-free preparation and baking area.

Luane KohnkeOne simple rule to follow is: “gluten-free first.” If you are sharing a kitchen with food that contains gluten, gluten contamination is possible. Therefore, when baking, always prepare the gluten-free items first. This makes it less likely that equipment, such as cookie sheets and baking pans, will be contaminated by gluten crumbs.

If it is not practical to make the gluten-free items first, thoroughly wash all baking equipment, including utensils, cookie sheets, and baking pans, before using them. Otherwise, maintain and use an entirely different set of “gluten-free only” utensils and pans for gluten-free baking. As part of the food preparation process, thoroughly clean all surfaces, including countertops and cutting boards. Using a clean cloth or damp sponge, wipe down standing mixers and the exterior surfaces of food processors. It is important to remember that even a few gluten-containing crumbs can be harmful to people who have celiac disease or wheat allergies.

If possible, maintain a “gluten-free only” container for your gluten-free baked goods. However, if the container is also used occasionally for gluten-based products, be sure that it has been thoroughly washed and dried to minimize the possibility of gluten contamination.

Finally, never commingle gluten-free and gluten-based products. Serve gluten-free items on separate plates or trays, apart from any gluten-based items. Inform people as to which are gluten-free and which are not. Label serving trays, if you feel it is necessary. This will help to prevent any possible confusion or contamination.

Thanks to Chef Luane Kohnke

gluten free cookiesLuane Kohnke is an accomplished gourmet cookie baker based in New York City. She received her professional training from the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) and published a cookbook called Gluten-Free Cookies in March 2011.


Good Egg, Bad Egg

We are all familiar with the idiom, a bad egg, which means someone dishonest or not to be trusted.  What is amazing is how many ‘bad eggs’ are out there.  My research revealed some disheartening means to which eggs are brought to market.

Let’s start with a regular cartoon of eggs.   These hens are permanently caged.  Their living area is less than a piece of letterhead paper.  The hens are so close that their beaks are burned off so they don’t peck each other. 1

But then there are cage-free or free-range eggs.  I was fooled on this one.  The USDA’s requirement is for the hen to have access to outdoor areas.  It does not regulate how long the hen goes out or if it even spends any time outside at all. 2   Therefore, a farmer could label his eggs cage free because he opens a door for 5 minutes. The hens could go outside but are not required.

Well, we have organic eggs right?  Yes, organic eggs are regulated more but only with regards to what the hen can eat and the removal of antibiotics and hormones.  This is at least a step in the right direction.

The last label is the best – pastured eggs.  This means the hens are able to run around outside.  They have beaks so they can chase bugs and eat what chickens like to eat, rather than what the farmer wants them to eat.  They are out in the sunlight and absorbing all that Mother Nature has to offer.

But does a pastured raised chicken mean a healthier egg?  Here’s the facts:  3

Pastured raised eggs have:pastured eggs

–       1/3 the cholesterol
–       1/4 the saturated fat
–       2/3 more vitamin A
–       7 times more beta carotene
–       3 times more vitamin E
–       2 times more omega 3

Yes, pastured eggs are more expensive.  But think of it this way, so are cholesterol pills and vitamin supplements and by-pass surgeries.  Somehow we need to learn that cheaper food is not always cheaper.

Perhaps being educated is the best defense against ‘a bad egg’.